A magician for your private parties

Thinking of a Butzi for your private events does way more than just astonish your guests.   
Whether it is for a birthday, an informal gathering with friends or a special occasion, the aim is always to make them interact, to create a intimate atmosphere and to transform them into actors in this privileged moment. And then we finally let them dream with a strong discussion topic.


If you have less than 50 guests

The magician offers to do a show ranging from 45 minutes to an hour, based on interaction. What you guests usually see on TV or have only heard about is now 20 centimeters away from their eyes, and even in their hands.

If you have more than 50 guests

The best solution might be that Butzi goes from group to group to do close-up magic, taking care of each one of your guests. This option allows you to have peace of mind after you “released the magician into the crowd”, not having to organize anything.

Another option that is often popular 
To mix both options by doing a short magic show (20 minutes or so) followed by group to group magic. This allows everyone to gather for a moment to share, but doesn’t monopolize the whole evening. Ideal for a buffet or a cocktail party situation.

If your guests are less than 9 years old, click here to discover the different magic show Butzi has previously created for the little monsters!

What private clients say about his show:

" Butzi’s show is amazing. We were bowled over by his uncanny mind-reading act and his exceptional sleight of hand with cards and objects. "

- Bill Homewood, actor, writer, director

" Bravo for yesterday!! My friends LOVED it, thank you for everything! "

- Fabienne Bernert

" Magic, humour and imagination combine for a great show where you constantly swing between laughter and amazement. "

- Jane Mark, actor, teacher and co-director  Improv Troupe Improfessionnals