Butzi corporate magician

Butzi’s aim: that each show is unique and perfectly adapted to the situation and to your expectations in order to inspire and engage your guests in a unique experience.


A magician for your cocktail parties and dinners

If you are throwing a cocktail party or inviting clients for dinner, the magician goes from table to table to astonish your guests, doing magic directly in their hands.  

This option can also be combined with a short show (adaptable length) that can be a kind of “ice breaker” where people share a unique moment together and get to know the magician before he comes to their table.

The stage show

If you are looking for a real show and have many collaborators (more than 60), Butzi offers his stage show, for 15 minutes to an hour long. A bill disappears and is found again as a nut, a table flies over the stage, and Butzi shows you why and how tying a tie knot is impossible for him. And that’s just part of it!  

You will also experience the “stage close-up”: micro magic broadcasted live on a big screen; an intimate moment in a big room.

Illusions creator

Whatever formula you choose to go with, it is possible and recommended to ask for Butzi’s creating talent. He will adapt his shows using your products, services, logos, ideas or your client’s.  

Ideal for professional exhibitions, special occasion with collaborators or product launches. Butzi has already worked with many large firms for various projects: Colgate, Rogé Cavaillès, Rottapharm (Naples seminar), Arkema, CGOS for a health autonomy exhibition, Prolea for the agriculture exhibitions and the “caféothèque” (THE reference for cafeologie in Paris).

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Butzi, magician, speaker

On a more original tone, Butzi now offers talks linked to his activity as a magician. Called “magic talks”, this option allows you to make your colleagues or employees think about a specific subject by opening them up to new horizons and still having fun.

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Here’s what companies say about Butzi :

" Classy, dynamic and funny, he literally got everyone’s attention with his very impressive tricks. Highly recommended. "

- Alex Saint-Onge, manager Colgate-Palmolive France

" We’ve used Butzi’s services at several communication events. He is funny, skilled and friendly, and draws his audiences very quickly into his world. Whether it is close-up or in a coaching workshop, everyone ends up with stars in their eyes. "

- Yves Taupin, internal communication manager  ARKEMA

" Butzi brought to our visitors a real moment of dream and astonishment. Thanks to his funny and spectacular tricks, directly linked with the health sector and just under their nose, our visitors found for a few minutes their child eyes. "

- Pascale Vialatte, communication manager  C.G.O.S health and autonomy exhibition

" At a show for Prolea at the agriculture exhibition 2014, Butzi gave a quality show that allowed him to really deliver the message our client wanted. A very talented magician! "

- Morgane Balligand, event project manager  Thomas Marko et associés