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Butzi is a Parisian Magician distinguishing himself with his modern style. But after years of astonishing your guests, he now focuses on inspiring your teams to be more creative and innovative everyday. So, he no longer does magic for events but uses his art to pass on messages. More about Butzi's keynote speaking activities here. More about Butzi here Discover Butzi's speaking website here.

Discover Butzi’s world

Meet French Magician Butzi

Butzi travels around the entire world to present his shows. From London’s West End to Las Vegas where he trained in the “most prestigious school in the world”, says BBC TV, Butzi toured Latin America for 9 months and met the greatest to build his dream show.

As he has showed with numerous clients, Butzi will be the magician that can bring conviviality and surprise to your event.

Today Butzi is the “magician for magicians” and writes articles about his creations in the American magazine “Vanish”, downloaded by more than 100,000 per edition. He also develops his activities as a speaker magicianfor diving companies, on creativity, initiative or added value. Everything is explained with tricks and insight into the magical world.

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Butzi customizes his magic for your event


Butzi, corporate

Butzi has worked for many years with diverse companies as a magician, customized illusion creator and speaker.

His goal: understand your needs and adapt his services to optimize the result of your event.  A unique moment that will inspire and engage your guests throughout a never-before-seen experience.

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A magician for
your wedding

There’s nothing more magical than the union of two people in love. We invite guests and want them to experience this magical day.

Butzi suggest going group to group and making each one of your guests dream. This option can also be combined with a short stage show in which the groom and the bride are the actors.

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Discover Butzi’s different faces

close-up show

Butzi’s magic show is 30 minutes to an hour long depending on your event and what you are seeking. A crazy moment during which he will present his creations and the best illusions he’s adopted and adapted over the years.

An original magic show using everyday objects, a Perrier can, nuts, money, a smartphone, metal bending and cards, leaving your mouth open after a impressive final prediction.

IDEAL FOR : a party with less than 50 guests that can sit and and enjoy a proper show.

Note: There is a possibility of combining this option with the «group to group magician».

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Group to group

This option allows you to have an autonomous actor at your party by “releasing the magician in the crowd”, having nothing to worry about.

Butzi’s aim is to create a unique atmosphere by surprising your guests and making them dream. The magician goes from group to group independently and dazzles them by doing magic directly in their hands over approximatively 2 hours.  

IDEAL FOR : an event with more than 50 guests when you don’t want a show on stage (or if you don’t have a stage).

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If you have more than 50 guests and are looking for a real show, Butzi suggests going for his stage show (with a length of 15 to 45 minutes) during which he makes a table fly, teleports objects and has his audience interact on and off stage for unique memories.

In the long version of this show, Butzi shows some incredible close-up magic retransmitted live on a big screen via video.

Your guests will talk about the predictions and the flying furniture for years after!

IDEAL FOR : an event with more than 50 guests coming for a show, whether it is a short 20-minute act or a complete show up to an hour. Interaction, originality and poetry are the core of the program.

Note: There is a possibility of combining this option with the «group to group magician».

Butzi’s Credits partners

From the biggest corporates to the most private clients, they all love Butzi!

" Classy, dynamic and funny, he literally got everyone’s attention with his very impressive tricks. Highly recommended. "

- Alex Saint-Onge, manager Colgate-Palmolive France

" We used Butzi’s services for several communication events. He is funny, skilled and friendly and draws his audiences into his world very quickly. Whether it is in close-up or in a coaching workshop, everyone ends up with stars in their eyes. "

- Yves Taupin,  internal communication manager  ARKEMA

" Butzi brought to our visitors a real moment of dream and astonishment. Thanks to his funny and spectacular tricks, directly linked with the health sector and just under their nose, our visitors found for a few minutes their child eyes. "

- Pascale Vialatte, communication manager C.G.O.S health and autonomy exhibition

" Butzi’s show is amazing. We were bowled over by his uncanny mind-reading act and his exceptional sleight of hand with cards and objects."

- Bill Homewood, actor, writer, director

" At a show for Prolea at the agriculture exhibition 2014, Butzi gave a quality show that allowed him to really deliver the message our client wanted. A very talented magician!"

- Morgane Balligand, event project manager Thomas Marko et associés

" A very funny and talented magician. "

Jeff McBride, master magician, founder of McBride Magic & Mystery School, Las Vegas